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Apple Press Invites - Over the years!

Apple press invites have amazed me. A week before Apple announces a new product or an update to an existing one, they send out an invite to selected press.

The invites don't tell the whole story, but the rumour mills (who were already on the case) are on it the moment they see it - some predictions turn out correct, most of them wrong. It's more like solving a puzzle, for people who are into that kind of thing, and the fanboys, like me!

Managed to do some online research and pull out some of the press ad's. The one invite that I badly wanted and could not find (if it exists), is the press invite for the iPhone launch in 2007!

Here you go 2003 to 2012 in Apple invites!

2oo3 - iTunes for Windows

Very clearly aimed at the music market, and carrying heavy iPod branding this event was rumoured to be an unveiling of iTunes for Windows, and that’s exactly what it was.
2005 - iPod Nano Launch:
A slim small device that fits in your jeans pocket, but can hold 1000 songs!

2005 - Video Playing iPod 
2nd event same year for the same device, hence 'one more thing', it is video 

2006 - Apple Hi-Fi and a Mac Mini Core Duo
People were expecting what we now know is the iPod Touch and some of the first Intel powered iBooks, but instead they got the Apple Hi-Fi and a Mac Mini Core Duo.

2006 - Films on iTunes from Disney, Pixar etc
Spotlight associated with celebrities, is now on apple!

2006 - Aperture 1.5
This invite was sent out very shortly after the previous invite (“It’s Showtime”, above) and the event was only a week or so later.  There was no mystery at all to this particular event, held at the photokina photography event, and clearly referencing Aperture, everyone knew what was coming.  This was the announcement, and almost immediate release, of Aperture version 1.5.

2007 - Final Cut

Many in the industry hailed some of the Apple products announced at this special event as revolutionary.  The headliners were Final Cut Studio 4 and Final Cut Server. 

2007 - iPod Touch
The cover flow design points at an ipod announcement

2008 - 2nd generation iPod Touch
Invite that looks like the iPod display!

2008 - New Macbooks launch
Yeah the sunbeam reveals a notebook, a NEW one!

2008 - WWDC - iPhone 3G, Snow Leopard etc
The images used in the invite has the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco duplicated and heading to two different locations.  The keynote was similarly split into two.  The first half was concentrated almost entirely around the iPhone SDK and even included a demonstration on stage of a basic application being built.  The second half of the keynote was far more consumer orientated and included the revealing of Mobile Me and the iPhone 3G.

2009 - iTunes got a huge update, the third-gen touch was introduced, the nano got a redesign (complete with a camera) and the shuffle went button-free.
An invite heavily loaded with music hints. Lots of updates on iPod

2010 - iPad launch!
By the time this invite was out, everyone knew it was on its way. But no one knew what to expect. 

2010 - The shuffle got its buttons back, the nano went square, and tiny with a touchscreen and the fourth-gen touch featured cameras.
No text in the invite !. very obvious that it is music, and hence the iPod

2010 - Beatles on iTunes
This ones not for the press, but for the online public that were baffled at this invite for everyone!

2011 - iOS Future
All the app icons inside the logo, boy ain't apple going to talk about all those gazillion apps on the store plus more to come!

2011- iPad 2
March 2 and an iPad going to be revealed. iPad2 indeed!

2011 - OS X Lion
The lion is replacing the snow leopard. Yeah, the iphone is out, the ipad is out, lets get back to the Mac!

2011 - iPhone 4S
'Lets talk' bit turned out to be Siri!!. The evnt is on the 4th. The time is 10 am. The location is interstate 280 - Cupertino apple HQ!! Marvellous!

2012 - iBook Author Text Books on iPad
The creative is done like chalk writing on a black board to signify class room and hence Education related; the evnt is at NY, hence the 'big apple'!

2012 - Amsterdam Apple Retail Store Opening

The three stacked logos and the orange color are plays on the official logo for the city of Amsterdam and the official colors. 

The flag of Amsterdam is the official flag for Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. The current design of the flag depicts three Saint Andrew's Crosses  and is based on the escutcheon in the coat of arms of Amsterdam

(official logo for the city of Amsterdam)
(flag of Amsterdam)

Can't wait for the iPad 3 (or is it 2S) invite!

And the wait is up ladies & gentlemen, the 'new' iPad announcement invite is out.

2012 - 'new' iPad
Apple does it yet again, the invite is as confusing as its predecessors! 

Yeah, it clearly shows the date of the event, March 7, but the keynote icon & the maps icon are bit confusing, if you are not the straight-thinking kind!

It could just mean that the event is a keynote presentation on the 7th of March somewhere around HQ or it could mean (apart from the new display) that they are making some major announcement dealing with the location based 'maps' app, thanks to some recent related acquisitions. And what is this about 'see' & 'touch'. 'See' is display resolution, but 'touch'?? What about it?

Lets wait and see!


So what was it? The new iPad indeed. What it was all about was best captured by 
M G Siegler from Tech Crunch:

It’s sort of funny that the only major thing those in the rumor business got wrong was the name of the new iPad. It’s not the previously presumed “iPad 3, nor is it the “iPad HD”. It’s just the iPad. And that’s what it will be from now on.

This was surprising because our expectations were set for a new name. But it really shouldn’t be all that surprising. My iMac is not the “iMac 11. My MacBook Air is not the “MacBook Air 4. The iPod line changes, but the name remains the same. This will undoubtedly happen to the iPhone line as well. Just as the spec is dying (more than partially ushered to the grave by Apple), the ascending number naming race is dying too. It’s about simplicity.

Apple can pull this off because they have so few products and they’re in complete control of all of them. Their software isn’t licensed to other OEMs. The iPad doesn’t have to be called the “iPad 3X HD S” just to beat the “iPad 3X Turbo” made by a competitor. There are no real competitors. Not yet, anyway. The naked “iPad” name alone is enough to win.

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